About The Property Angel

60% of home movers put moving home at the top of their stress list.

Selling your existing home, finding your next one, dealing with estate agents, solicitors, conveyancers, banks and mortgage brokers, there's just no doubt about it, moving home is stressful, time-consuming and usually involves a fair few compromises along the way.

The Property Angel is here to change all that.

Providing the first truly personalised guidance service for your whole property journey, from your very first thought of moving, to the first night in your new home and way beyond.

Our Local Property Angels are here to support you through each step of your journey guiding you to GREAT FAMILY TIMES at your perfect next home, simply and stress-free.

And when we say perfect, we mean perfect. We’re all too often told we need to compromise when it comes to property, ‘to get the garden you need sacrifice the garage,’ or ‘to get a fourth bedroom, you need to go for a doer upper’ but it doesn’t have to be that way.

For us, it’s all about you, your needs and your wants-after all, it’s going to be your home.

Our initial 20-30 minute call is where we find that out.-from understanding your work and career aspirations to family plans, hobbies and even how much you like to cook (kitchen size can be a big deal!).

To get free guidance from your trusted Local Property Angel throughout the property minefield...


3 Simple Reasons 

Need to sell your existing home but not sure what you’ll get for it in the current market? 
Test it for free with the world’s first ’coming soon’ marketplace.

Want to know what areas are within travel distance of your day to day commute?
Our Unique to the UK Reachability Search can tell you just that.

Is the thought of going through the buying and selling journey again causing you sleepless nights?
Are you making do with where you are because your last move had you tearing your hair out? 
Book a call with your Local Property Angel today and find out just how simple the property process can really be. 


Location, Location, Location

Because the property world is highly localised we’re rolling out our service city by city, perfecting our processes as we go, starting with Edinburgh and the EH postcode  

Need The Property Angel where you are? Let us know here.



How is The Property Angel a Free Service?

Home movers using The Property Angel don’t pay us a penny. We make our money via referral fees from the trusted partners we refer you to, but unlike existing referral programmes, which are paid as soon as a lead is passed, we only get paid once you’re settled into your new home.