6 Reasons Why You Should Use The Property Angel

1. Our Experience and Expertise. 

Our Founder Kevin Davidson was 25 years a property lawyer buying, selling and helping over 3000 people like you buy and sell their homes across the country, reaping lots of repeat business over the years based on the handholding, expertise and trust built up. He founded The Property Angel as a platform to help make a difference to the 60% of home movers who put moving home top of their stress list. Our Local Property Angels have a passion for people and a passion for property and have the local knowledge, expertise and experience to help you move into your perfect next home wherever that may be, simply and stress-free.

2. It’s All About You. 

We put you at the heart of everything we do, from your 1st thought of moving to your 1st night in your new home and way beyond. We take the time to find out why you need to move, discuss all your possible options, including school considerations and provide impartial, unbiased expert guidance, support and recommendations throughout your whole journey. No one else in the property industry does this, so why would you start your journey anywhere else. 

3. World Class Service and Trusted Relationships.

All of the property partners, such as estate agents, solicitors, mortgage brokers and removal firms we work with and recommend are issued with world class criteria by us at the outset and they confirm they can and will work to these criteria. When we recommend them, it’s because we believe that they’re the best fit for your own personal circumstances. We’re constantly in touch with you and them throughout your transaction and on completion to see that they’ve delivered that world class service to you. In addition, we hope that very quickly you’ll see your Local Property Angel as your trusted property best friend, that sounding board to bounce anything off and that shoulder to lean on throughout your own property journey.    

4. User Ratings.

On completion of your sale and/or purchase, we ask you to rate our property partners out of 10 on how likely you’d be to recommend them to someone else-if you rate them below a 7, then they won’t be recommended by us to anyone else again-and that’s a guarantee. By doing so, future users get comfort that our property partners are not just recommended by us, but by other users as well. We also ask you the same question of ourselves and our (NPS) Net Promoter Score is 87 which makes us the most trusted property platform in the world. We want you to have a great experience, so you tell others and word spreads and together we can change the way the world moves home.

5. Innovation.

We’re always seeking to improve your property experience, whether it’s launching the world’s first ‘Coming Soon’ marketplace ourselves, to partnering with third party software providers to bring you the ‘Reachability’ Search by commute time on our site. We’re always looking at and for ways to use cutting edge methods and technology to simplify the home buying and selling process and beyond.                                     

6. It’s Free. 

You the home buyer or seller don’t pay us a penny for our guidance and support, provided you use our user rated recommended Trusted Property Partners. We’re paid a referral fee by the property suppliers we believe, from our experience, are best suited for your journey and only introduce them to you at your right time. We’re only paid by them on completion of your transaction rather than on introduction, meaning we remain baked into your whole journey. This also includes once you’ve moved in to your new place, when you may need recommendations to central heating engineers, locksmiths, trades, gardeners or even architects and builders for an extension.