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We only work with up to 3 of each property partners in a location ie 3 estate agents, 3 mortgage brokers, 3 solicitors, 3 removal companies etc and we try and match you with the best fit partners at your right time.

We've sourced these partners based on intial user recommendations and we continually review and monitor them during a client's transaction to ensure they're delivering the world class service which they signed up to.

At the end of your transaction we ask how likely you are to recommend the partners you used to someone else, on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being highly unlikely and 10 being highly likely. 

Any partner who is rated a 6 or below by any client is never recommended by us to any of our clients again-guaranteed.

Even if they're rated a 7 or an 8, we'll ask the client what the partner could have done better and feed this back to the partner.

This always means we know that our partners are currently highly rated by other home movers and is the reason why we're able to continue to provide a free service to clients, on the basis that they use our trusted property partners, who are as committed as we are to guiding you to your perfect next home simply and stress-free.

Clients have said in the past that they have their own suppliers they have used previously, but we've got no way of knowing how good they are now.

If home movers do choose to use their own suppliers, they are of course free to do so, but unfortunately we're unable to guide and support them through the process for free.

We've built the most trusted property platform in the world with our NPS(Net Promoter Score) of 83 and can only do this with our user rated trusted property partners.

Clients using The Property Angel's Trusted Property Partners don’t pay us a penny.

We make our money via referral fees from the trusted property partners. However, unlike existing referral programmes, which are paid as soon as a lead is passed, we only get paid once your transaction has completed, so we remain baked into your whole journey and available to guide and support you throughout.

We also ensure that the fee quoted by the Trusted Property Partner is the same one that you would get if you called them directly, given that we've saved them marketing costs by introducing a client directly.

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