What Being Supported By The Property Angel Means

Over 300,000 transactions a year fall through before completion

When you’re ‘Supported by The Property Angel’ this lets estate agents, buyers and sellers know you’re not a pushover as:-

(i) You’re armed with the facts about what to do and when to do it;

(ii) You have the Deposit;

(iii) You have a Decision in Principle in place;

(iv) Your own house is up for sale or ready to go up for sale; and

(v) You're ready to offer and exchange when necessary.

This gives everyone in the chain peace of mind that you're not a timewaster, can exchange and are highly unlikely to be one of those 300.000.

When you’re ‘Supported By The Property Angel’ we send you a unique TPA Confirmation Badge to send on to agents and sellers so they can see you're serious about buying and not a time waster. 

Being supported by The Property Angel could be the difference between having your offer accepted or not.

Start Your Support Journey Today.