5 ways our 'Reachability' search will change house hunting forever

The good news? Thanks to the evolving digital landscape, property buying and selling is changing - and for the better. If you’ve ever tried to find the house that’s next to your kids school, is within a half hour commute to work, is an easy walk to the train station and which has enough space for everyone … well, you’ll get where we’re going with this …

Step up to the plate ‘Reachability search’, a new way of searching for properties that allows you to find homes that tick each of your ‘must-have’ boxes - putting YOU in the driving seat and making property searching faster, easier and more flexible:

  1. Search properties based on your commute time to key locations, such as school, work and Gran’s (for that lifesaving Thursday night pick up)

  2. See commute times based on how and when you travel - think rush-hour or quiet times

  3. Get visibility of homes in areas you haven’t considered

  4. Get a sneak peek at properties not yet on the market

  5. Clarity on all local amenities - schools, supermarkets, leisure and travel (trains/buses)

For further details about this unique Reachability Search click here

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