It's Because We Care: Case Studies

In our last blog we highlighted how important it is to have a trusted property expert by your side who really knows what they’re talking about, has a feel for the market in your area, and has a feel for how prices may change over the next 12 to 18 months.

This time I want to share with you a couple of case studies of how our expertise has helped home movers, saving them tens of thousands of pounds – money which is better in their pocket to be invested on redecoration, their family, a new car or a family holiday (eventually!)

At The Property Angel, our clients are much more than a number and we really get to know their cares and concerns. Here are some examples of clients we were able to guide to their perfect next home and bigger savings:

Home Moving Client:

A client wanted to sell her property so she could get a new property in time for her daughter to be in the catchment area of a much better secondary school in Aug 2021 – a long time away, but not when you’re dealing with a turbulent market like Aberdeen. Supply outstripped demand; the number of properties for sale was 3 times the number than before the oil crash.

When we first spoke in January 2020, she didn’t know what to do and when to try and sell her property. I was able to help her plan and we agreed to touch base again at the end of March when the market traditionally picks up. The end of March came and along with it came COVID-19. We agreed to keep things under review every month.

Before our June meeting I’d done the research on the properties on offer in the market around her. The client had resigned herself that although her house was probably worth £135K, she would be happy to sell at £125K.

With the restrictions on viewings being lifted in Scotland at the end of June, we arranged for an estate agent and a surveyor to start the process so that she could at least get the property on the market the week the schools went back. Valuation came back at £140K and it went on for sale at offers over that amount.  Two weeks later, we suggested that she fix the price at £140K to give some certainty to potential purchasers – it’s always vital to be proactive and not wait for your estate agent to make suggestions, which is another perk of having The Property Angel on hand for feedback and advice.

She received an offer 2 weeks later of just below the fixed price, but substantially above her original price in mind of £125K. This allowed us to focus next on a property she wanted to buy and with our guidance on negotiating a price, she was able to save a further £10k totalling the money in her pocket to £21,000, just from having a couple of zoom calls and exchanging texts with her trusted Property Angel!

Property Selling Client

A client was desperate to liquidate their biggest asset, their home. This led them to reach out to us. Their home was valued at £280K and we introduced them to one of our trusted estate agents who put it up for sale at that price.  Due to local market conditions, after 2 months the property had not sold, let alone have a viewer. This was far from unexpected, but our client decided in desperation to change agents and pay double the fee for a sale. (When we introduce clients to trusted property agents, our aim is to connect them with trusted agents that will work on getting the best deal possible and although the client decided to move to their own agent, we still guided and supported them.)

Their new agent, as most agents do, claimed they had a bank of potential investors from around the country but that to create interest they would have to expose it for sale at a lower cost of £210K. The client was actually willing to sell for £160K as he just wanted some equity out of the property quickly

However, after a long chat with me, he held his nerve and kept it marketed at £210K. Very quickly he received an offer for 200K and, with my guidance, he held out for the £210K and got it. I believe that if he had held his nerve with the original agent, he would have secured £250K albeit 6 to 9 months later than the £210K deal- but it’s important to really understand what a client’s goals are.

Although they missed out on a potential £40K, we were able to help him secure £50K more than he was prepared to sell for and that’s the service and value we aim to provide  all our clients throughout their journey through the property minefield with  our guidance and support.

At The Property Angel, we aim to help guide all our clients to their perfect next home, every step of the way. Although savings like the ones above are great, we also pride ourselves in looking out for the little things. That may include advice on central heating warranties, insurance, repairs, and much more. Having us by your side and looking over your shoulder really can save you thousands of pounds!

For the same attention to detail and free guidance on what you should do if you’re thinking of buying or selling, start your journey with us by completing your Perfect Next Home Profile  Here or Book Your Free 30 min Zoom Call Here.

I look forward to hearing from you



Kevin Davidson

Founder & CEO
The Property Angel