The Property Ladder | The Property Angel's Top 7 Ways to Find the Right Solicitor

1. Ask friends and family

When it comes to most things in life where we need a job well done, it pays to get personal recommendations, and finding the right solicitor is no exception. Do you know anyone in your workplace that’s recently bought or sold a property? What about family members or friends? Not only will those with personal experience be able to point you to the right people, you’ll also find out who to avoid.

2. Experience, experience, experience!

When choosing the right solicitor for your property journey, experience should be at the top of your must-have list.  Solicitors that specialise in employment law, family, or even commercial property law will likely not be able to provide the best service for your needs.

3. Consider a local solicitor

While it’s not an absolute must, finding a solicitor in your local area is always a good idea. When it comes to property and your solicitor, most activities can now be done online, but having expertise on your doorstep can be reassuring, especially when you may need a bit of local knowledge or insight.

4. Get clarity around details

You’re likely to be paying good money for legal services when it comes to the property game, so you’ll want to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. All your instructions should be carried out exactly as requested and confirmed by email, and any issues with the property to be communicated quickly to you. The bottom line - get clarity around what you can expect in terms of contact, speed of response, and crucially, the estimated cost - all usually provided in the Client Care letter at the start of the process.

5. … and try to pick a good communicator

This is where recommendations come in handy. The property buying process can be lengthy and confusing at the best of times, particularly if you’re a first-time buyer. Finding a solicitor that communicates with you every step of the way is priceless - the last thing you want to be doing during this stressful period is chasing your solicitor for information you needed yesterday.

6. Don’t choose based solely on cost

Online options are very often the least costly - but you could end up at the back of a very long queue, delaying the progress of your move, and costing you more in the long run. Go for quality over cheap, and avoid the sleepless nights!

7. Speak to The Property Angel!

With second-to-none expertise when it comes to property, we can help you find the right solicitor to guide you through your property journey. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll do the rest!

And that’s it! Of course, there’s a lot more to choosing the right solicitor, but doing your research, asking the right questions and trusting your instincts will go a long way to ensuring you pick wisely. 

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