Here are just some of the people we have helped and their feedback



It's so difficult to navigate the whole thing. Im so glad for your help.

Sonja L.

How likely would you be on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being yes absolutely and 1 being no chance, to recommend to a friend or family member- A. The Mortgage Broker, B. The Solicitor, C. The Property Angel?

No problem... A-10, B-10, C-10

Thank you for everything.

Zane K.

The reason for using The Property Angel was putting me in touch with trusted and professional people without having to source them myself, along with your experience in the industry

Josh M.

I have an estate agent but always wondered whether they were just telling me what I wanted to hear. The Property Angel allowed me to ask any questions I couldn't ask the estate agent

Blake H.

The mortgage broker you recommended has been great. Makes everything clear and understandable.

Duncan M.

The solicitors were an absolute pleasure to deal with at all stages so thanks very much for the recommendation. Delighted to have got the new place!

Robin R.

I found my perfect home and had a perfect home move thanks to your guidance and recommendations throughout which really did make it stress-free. My friends even asked how I could be this chilled during a move and I told them it was all down to you guys.

Melinda O.