Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers

TPA allows you to list your property details for FREE on our app without having to engage an estate agent or pay for a home report (Scotland only).

TPA only carries listing of properties coming soon for sale, rather than what’s actually on the market for sale.

You don’t just wake up one morning and decide to sell your property.

You’ll start thinking about selling at some point, way before you actually put it on the market for sale. You’ll have a number of questions, like is there anyone interested in buying my property and how can I achieve the best price for it?

  • Test the Market and Find Potential Buyers for Free
  • Avoid High Upfront Marketing Costs
  • Get Peace of Mind That There IS Interest In Your Property
  • Widen Your Market, Widen Your Choice
  • Find Your Best Time To Get Your Best Price
  • Not to Cost Yourself £1000s By Selling at the Wrong Time
  • Get Free Recommendations To Trusted, World Class Property Suppliers

All hassle free with no costs and your questions are answered for free for you by an experienced property professional.

If TPA is free to use, how do you make your money?

If we recommend a world class property professional to you such as a solicitor or an estate agent and you use them, then we get paid a referral fee by them for the introduction.

We sell advertising space on the site to advertisers such as house builders whose listings you may see in amongst other ‘coming soon’ listings. This gives them the chance to engage with consumers at a much earlier stage that they can do so at present.

Based on our knowledge and experience of a property transaction we are able to recommend best fit products for our users. If our users buy these products then we receive a small commission from each sale from the suppliers.

No! You the user are in control of whether you click on a service or advert. Your personal details are not passed on to the suppliers or advertisers without you taking action yourself.

If for any reason any supplier contacts you directly please use the ‘Report this User’ button and we will remove them from the site.

If a prospective buyers notes an interest in your property, showing more than a passing interest in it, then you can contact them via the site’s internal messaging system and can discuss the property and even arrange for them to come round and see it.

As always, safety is paramount so please ensure you always have someone with you if you do arrange to meet someone directly at your property.

The prospective buyer can use the ‘Report this User’ button so that we can investigate and if necessary remove a prospective seller from the site.

The integrity and strength of this community will come from the users and it is therefore important that any non return of messages is reported by users.

If a prospective seller changes their mind and no longer wishes to consider selling their property and respond to messages then the listing should be removed from the site.

Yes! You have access to your own dashboard where you can edit your property details, see how many views there have been, see how many people have added your property to their watch list, noted an interest and sent you messages.

No. At present, the site is only for properties coming soon. There is access to estate agents on the site who will be able to liase with you about the results and feedback you get from The Property Angel.

Once you have decided to sell, you will be able to give prospective buyers who have added your property to their watch list or noted an interest advance notification of the details including price.

Yes you can do a private sale if this suits your circumstances better. However, you may be able to achieve a better price by selling it on the open market, although you will of course have estate agency costs to take into account as well.